Special Guests

Special guests range from authors and well-known speakers to missionaries who serve overseas and missionaries who serve in North America. We also try to connect Georgia Baptist women with missionaries who are serving within the state. We want you to be part of the ministry efforts happening in your own communities.

2015 Special Guests

FRANCES WORTHINGTON, desertflowerministries.com
Frances Worthington knows what it is like to be on the roller coaster of life. She grew up in the church and came to a relationship with Jesus Christ at 7 years old in the basement of a rural Alabama church and has never doubted His love for her. Through school and into college Frances was a leader in campus ministries, participated in mission trips all over the United States, and even married a minister.
But, in spite of all of this training, she became an addict… a spiritual high addict. She lived from Bible study to Bible study, conference to conference, and Sunday to Sunday. Yet, when the studies were over, the conference ended, and Monday morning came along, she didn’t know how to thrive in this life. She merely survived.
At one of the many conferences she attended, God spoke to her and she knew that He was calling her to a daily life of consistency and commitment. From that moment, Frances dove deep into God’s Word and found the Bread of Life. She began to learn what it was like to be “satisfied as with the riches of food” Ps. 63:5.
As she began to thrive and not merely survive in this life, God’s call became clear for her to strengthen her sisters in the faith and be an exciting example to those who do not know Jesus Christ’s love. She founded Desert Flower Ministries and is the author of Satisfy Our Souls: A cry from the desert. Through all she does, her desire is to equip women of all ages to thrive in their deserts.

Serving as lead worship pastor since 2002 at Concord Baptist Church in Clermont, Georgia, provides James Dollar the opportunity to use his God-given abilities in ministry.  His energetic, Spirit-filled approach to worship through music leads people to the throne room with a prepared heart to receive the Word of God.  His passion is to love the Lord with all of his heart, soul and strength and to lead others to Him!  Along with his leadership at Concord, James leads worship at Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, Georgia. There he leads weekly chapel services for the student body, simultaneously investing in the next generation of leaders. The last 25 years of full time ministry has held many great opportunities for James to minister through service, teaching and worship leading across the United States and internationally. James lives in Cleveland, Georgia, with his wife, Harriet. They have four children and two grandchildren.

DONNA LOTT, donnalott.com
Overcoming the challenge of blindness with a natural sense of humor and a faithful Lord, Donna was compelled to share with others how they, too, can walk by faith and not by sight. In 2005, God called Donna to launch Light and Laughter Ministries.  Ever since, she has been inspiring and entertaining audiences with her warmth, hope, and humor.
After writing and teaching Bible studies for more than 20 years, Donna published her first book, Holding To An Unseen Hand: Secrets Revealed in the Shadows of Life. In this five-week devotional, Donna shares the secrets of a restored soul and the Light God revealed in the shadows of her darkness. This is a must- read devotional that will serve to refresh and renew the wearied soul.
Donna now enjoys life with Don and their three grown boys in Buford, Georgia. In addition to a busy ministry schedule, Donna is actively involved in her home church, teaching Bible studies with her husband, who also serves as a deacon.
Spare time is rare, but when it comes, you will find Donna listening to funny books, hanging out with friends, laughing with her husband and eating Mexican food. A few of her favorite things are chocolate, Starbucks, and a good hair day! Most days, Donna can be found enjoying life and managing difficult circumstances with “God, a Grandé Latté, and a Good Laugh.”