Ashley Allen, Ph.D. Senior Consultant, Embrace Women’s Ministries
Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Tools for Design: Women’s Ministry 101
Leaders often ask how “to do” women’s ministry at their church. You might be a new leader and wonder what women’s ministry is really all about. This breakout will provide you with ideas for casting vision, setting goals and objectives, forming a team to work together toward effective and fruitful ministry, and some of the current trends in women’s ministry.

Cultivating Women Who Make Disciples
Jesus clearly gives the Great Commission mandate to all believers – including women. In II Timothy 2:2, Paul encouraged Timothy to teach the things he learned from Paul to another person so they could disciple others, too. This breakout session will provide practical ideas for building relationships with other women in order to make disciples, help those disciples grow in their faith, and teach them to make other disciples.

Lisa Call
Lisa Call, Missions Minister, Ingleside Baptist Church, Macon
Mobilizing Your Church for Missions
World missions is on God’s heart, but is it on your church’s heart? What can your church do to make a difference in the world, and how do you get started? We’ll talk through these questions and share ideas for ways that your local body of believers can be involved in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Effectively Supporting Missionaries on the Field
The International Mission Board has nearly 5,000 missionaries on the field, and they want and need our partnership. You can connect with our missionaries personally and support them through giving, going, and praying.

Nicole Coomer
Nicole Coomer, Author and Speaker, Eden Revisited Ministries Surviving Katrina…How to Survive the Storms of Life
What does it take to thrive in the storms of life? Nicole and her family walked through the devastating storm of Hurricane Katrina and came away with a renewed faith in the Lord.  Each one of us are either in a storm or we know someone in a storm.  Using the book of James, we can, not only, learn how to navigate through any storm of life but learn how to thrive through the storm.

B Curnutt Bio Picture
Barbara Curnutt, Former Georgia WMU&WEM Executive Director
Ten Good Reasons Why We Should be Ministering to Internationals
The world truly has come to Georgia!  God has brought the nations to us, and yet few internationals are ever welcomed into our hearts, our homes or our churches.  Discover practical ways you can touch the world right where you live.

Always in Prayer
More than any other admonition, Jesus encouraged His disciples to “keep watch or to be on the watch and pray.”  Today God is calling us to be vigilant and watchful in prayer.  Come and learn how this timely truth can transform your prayer life.

Georgia_WMU_2015_Taylor and Susan Field_spring_event
Taylor and Susan Field, Graffiti Church, NY Love Loud Ministries, North American Mission Board
God at Work in New York City
Graffiti Church began serving children in the drug-controlled culture of Alphabet City in the early 1970s. It continues to be “A Church That Serves” children, youth, and adults beginning with sharing Christ’s love in tangible ways (i.e. a sandwich, a suit of clothing, a tutoring session), but serving doesn’t stop there. Join Taylor and Susan as they share the story of Graffiti, how it is changing the world one neighborhood at a time, and how you can be a part of the “chain reaction!”

Upside Down Leadership
Graffiti Church pastor and leader Taylor Field will creatively challenge us to flip conventional ideas upside down, escape clichés on leadership, and to see real leadership principles revealed as right side up.

Donna Lott, Speaker and Teacher, Light and Laughter Ministries Discover Your Joy Story
Why is it we claim to have the joy of the Lord in our hearts and yet fail to “alert our faces”? Donna’s personal testimony is a story of joy. Weeping indeed lasted for a night but joy came in the morning. In these delightful sessions, Donna facilitates Bible teaching that will lead listeners to discover and explore their own joy stories.

Eliminate Stinkin’ Thinkin’
Power for daily living can elude even the most seasoned believer. However a life of power is possible when we’re willing to grow in faith one step at a time. Donna shares from her own life-lived story of learning to walk by faith when walking by sight was no longer an option. Women will learn that they too can overcome obstacles in their lives when they trust the promises of God.

Georgia_WMU_2015_Sue Kite_spring_event
Sue Kite, Cowboy Church Planting Missionary, Idaho
Unexpected Turns 

Since 1991, when she and her husband David surrendered their lives to full time vocational ministry, Sue’s life has taken many unexpected turns.  But NOTHING as unexpected as packing up all – no, most – of her belongings and moving to the other side of America (Idaho) to become a Cowboy Church Planter.   Jeremiah 29:11 has truly been the “theme” of their lives as God continues to reveal His Plan for them.  It is Sue’s desire to encourage every woman that God can use anyone willing to make themselves available, no matter her abilities, skills, talents, accomplishments or age.
Ken Koon
Ken Koon, Executive Director, Armed Forces Mission
The Issues and Risk of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

A discussion of warning signs and risk factors for PTSD and the courageous question that few ever ask. 

The Faith Community as a Battle Buddy
A discussion of how congregations can take responsibility for bringing veterans home.

Randy Mullinax
Randy Mullinax, Consultant, Evangelism Ministries, Georgia Baptist Convention
Standing in the Gap: Evangelistic Praying that Works
We all have friends and family that we desperately want to see come to faith in Christ.  This short study will encourage and equip you to pray with passion and confidence for people to be transformed by God’s grace.

Beverly Skinner, Consultant for Students and Young Women, Georgia WMU&WEM
Connecting with the Next Generation Workshop
Come and learn what some experienced Women on Mission leaders are doing to connect with younger women in their church. Panel Discussion facilitated by Beverly Skinner, Young Women’s Consultant for Georgia WMU and Women’s Ministry.

Janet Speer
Janet Speer, Chaplain, DeKalb Medical Center
Ministering to People in Crisis
When people are hurting we want to help, but sometimes we don’t know what to do or what to say. When we are the one hurting, if can be difficult to express our needs. As a hospital chaplain and breast cancer survivor, Janet shares her experience in the form of practical tips and honest discussion about caregiving and care receiving.

Spiritual Conversations
In the modern world, evangelism came in the form of tracts, diagrams, color-beaded bracelets and recitations of spiritual laws. In our postmodern world, evangelism turns back to a more historically biblical approach—that of spiritual conversations. Let’s talk about it!  “Quietly trust yourself to Christ your Lord, and if anybody asks why you believe as you do, be ready to tell him, and do it in a gentle and respectful way” (1 Peter 3:15, TLB).

Connie Yancey2
Connie Yancey, Executive Director, Raceway Ministries
Ready, Set, Go! Ministry On and Off the Track at Atlanta Motor Speedway
Raceway Ministries Atlanta is boldly advancing the name of Jesus Christ among motorsports fans by hosting events that cultivate relationships between Believers and Unbelievers to actively show God’s grace and love. Come and learn how you can be involved with this unique ministry right here in Georgia.

Leadership in a Volunteer Environment
What are the differences in leading a volunteer team rather than a paid staff team?  How can you cast vision for a broader purpose and measure success as you lead in the local church?  Explore these questions and more as Connie answers how the leadership rules change with volunteers.

EHall 2015
Eleanor Hall, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Thomas University
Healthcare Workers’ Response to Human Trafficking
Human traffickers exploit 21 million victims globally with an estimated 1.5 million victims in North America alone.  According to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, in 2014 626 calls were made to the hotline and 150 cases of human trafficking reported in Georgia. Healthcare providers may be the first ones to interact with an individual who is trafficked. This seminar will address the incidence and prevalence of human trafficking, how healthcare workers can recognize the risks and consequences, screening tools to identify victims, the health issues trafficked persons experience, and the resources to help available in Georgia. Continuing Education Units applied through the Georgia Board of Nursing for 1 hour of credit for RNs.

A Worker
God Knows Her NAME
Join K. as she discusses life in Northern Africa and the Middle East, the needs of women in NAME and the workers who serve them.  Participate in Q/A about what is really happening in the Middle East.

Interactive Prayer Room
This self-guided interactive prayer experience will take you deeper into our theme All for You as you pray and reflect over the surrender, sacrifice and service to which he has called you.