Mary Frances Bowley, President and Founder, Wellspring Living, Inc.

Make It Zero: The Movement to Safeguard Every Child
Tying shocking statistics to real stories, this conference explores various forms of childhood vulnerability and offers specific ways for everyone to end them. It will reveal the world of opportunity behind a single moment of compassion, and it teaches us that when we help the hopeless dream again, we ourselves come more alive.

The Priorities of Leadership
Having served as a leader of women in the local church, and now, as president of an organization fighting exploitation, Mary Frances understands first-hand the priorities of leadership. Through her own stories of struggles and victories she will lead us to explore the importance of the spiritual life of a leader.  You will be challenged to make your own spiritual growth a leadership priority.

Brandon, Global Gates

Sharing Your Faith with Muslims
Learn how to begin spiritual conversations with Muslims and other unreached peoples anywhere, any time. Gain guidance on the do’s and don’ts of Muslim evangelism, and leave ready to share your life and the good news with the least reached. Be introduced to Islam and common Muslim objections to Christianity.

Loving Your Unreached Neighbor: A Practical Guide for Cross-Cultural Service
Engaging someone from another country is not always an easy task. Tackle the challenges of cross-cultural communication and differing cultures in this session. Discover simple steps to show God’s love to the unreached He has placed in your community.

Terri Butcher, Executive Director, Walton County Christian Learning Center

Marriage God’s Way: God’s Best in Marriage is “Oneness”
Terri will very transparently share 4 simple, yet powerful truths that when applied, will make a rough marriage better, a good marriage great and a great marriage “one!” Even if you are not married, these practical truths will help you become the “Titus 2 Woman” you are called to be.

God’s Word in Everyday Life
“All scripture is God breathed and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Having studied the Bible off and on for 51 years, Terri will share some very practical tips on studying the Bible to become “complete” and “thoroughly equipped” for every aspect of life–daughter, sister, wife, mom, Grandmom, friend, daughter-in-love, mother-in-love, step mom, aunt, niece, employee, employer,. . .

Linda Cooper, National WMU President

Let Me Tell You About My Jesus
The Great Commission challenges us to share Jesus every day, as we go about our daily lives. Come hear how Linda Cooper does just that each and every day.  You will leave this session confident to begin spiritual conversations as you go, wherever you go!

Will the Real Linda Cooper Please Stand Up?
Enjoy an opportunity to personally meet Linda Cooper, the new National Woman’s Missionary Union President.  Linda will use this conference to share her journey and vision for the future of missions discipleship as well as provide a time of Q and A for participants. 

Cindy Fruitticher, Student Groups and Faith Development, Georgia Baptist Mission Board

Truth for Teens in Today’s Culture
Lies, lies and more lies. Social media, friends and the culture in general breed comparison and doubt. How do we help our students listen to and apply Truth to their lives?

Understanding Millennials
How do we reach students if we do not understand who they are? Let’s take a look at Millennials and see what makes them different.

Jackie Hardy, Georgia WMU & Women’s Ministry President

How’s Your Vision? Looking Ahead by Looking Behind
Come explore ways to continue your legacy by looking around you, focusing your vision ahead of you, and by glancing behind you. There are leaders all around you waiting for their vision to go from cloudy to clear. You can be the one God uses to bring them into focus. You’ll meet women who have done just that for others. They will be sharing simple steps for knowing where to look for and how to lead those who will follow in your footsteps as a leader.

Allison Harvey, SEND missionary, North American Mission Board

Teen Track 
This conference track designed just for teen girls, grades 9-12, and led by Allison Harvey will explore what it means to live with joy as a young woman. The track will include experiential Bible study, interactive games, projects and personal time with missionaries from Israel and New York City. 

Jinny Henson, Author and Speaker, Shreveport. LA

Plot Twist- Plan B
Overcoming the life you expected and embracing the life you’ve been given. We will also experience some sort of plot twist in our lives, an unwelcome wrinkle in our plans. Come hear how God sustained Jinny through the tragic loss of a child and learn more about how He wants to redeem the unexpected plot twists in your life.

Can I be Honest With You?
This session is a sincere and funny hour of Jinny’s Journeys: faith fails, parenting problems, body-image blunders and ministry misconceptions. The golden thread throughout is God’s supreme grace. Come learn to grace yourself.

Amy Ivey, Ph.D, Counselor

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:  Understanding The Basics
Over 50% of people experience a traumatic event. While not all go on to to struggle with PTSD, 5 out of 10 men and 6 out of 10 women do. So what is PTSD and what are the causes? How can we show God’s mercy and grace by supporting those seeking to heal from trauma?

Looking for A Zebra-PTSD in Children
No doubt we live in a world in which many children experience shocking and life altering events. At any given time over three million children suffer with PTSD. But while an adult’s symptoms look more like a “horse,” kid’s symptoms may look more like a “zebra.” Knowing how children process and cope with trauma and what PTSD looks like in them can help us as we minister to kids that God brings in our path. 

Mandy, International Mission Board

Real Life in the Beautiful Land
Israel is often in the headlines, but what is real life and ministry like in The Beautiful Land?  Join Mandy as she shares about her family’s calling to serve in the earth’s epicenter, about the many aspects of the people who live there, and how we can partner through prayer for peace and the Gospel to be known to all who live there. 

Ruth Smith, RN BSN 

Who Has Your Ear?  The Media and Health
In these days of busy schedules, fast food and barely surviving many are looking for a quick fix to health. Most weeks bring word of the latest lose weight and de-stress fads!   Is the media stealing your joy of health?  This session will speak to the media’s impact on health and offer real suggestions for successful healthy living.

Patrick Thompson, Senior Pastor, New-City Church, NYC 

Urban Missions – NYC
Metropolitan NYC is made up of 22 million people, most of who don’t have any kind of relationship with Jesus Christ. Over 800 languages are spoken in the city every day. How do you approach being a missionary to so many people with so many different backgrounds? Hear the story of a missionary family from Georgia that embraced these challenges and learn how you can lead your ministry to partner with urban missionaries. 


Ann Watts, Heatherwood Baptist Church

Multiplying Missions through Action!
Want to see all women in your local church involved in mission action?  Need ideas to increase the number of women who are passionate about being the hands and feet of Christ?  Through a variety of ideas and several “make and take” items, you will discover ways to engage the women of your church to make an impact for the Gospel in your community and beyond.