Our conferences cover a wide variety of topics relevant to women of all ages eager to grow and serve.  Conference topics include missions, prayer, Bible study, engaging your community, sharing Christ and more.

2014 Spring Event Conferences

Living Life on Purpose in Japan
Lori Loomis, International Worker (IMB)
Is life in Japan that much different from life in Georgia? At first glance, Yes! But a deeper look into this “m” mom’s life in Japan may tell a different story. Come hear how God is opening doors for Japanese to hear the Gospel and how you can open doors to your own community. You will also hear a unique perspective from Lori’s mom as she addresses surrendering your children and grandchildren to God’s call on their lives.
Clothed with Power
Jennifer Kennedy Dean, Praying Life Foundation Executive Director
Clothed with Power takes the reverence and relevance of the Old Testament and marries it to the New Testament. In a brilliant unveiling of the priestly garments Jennifer illustrates the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and how he clothes us with power from on high. With all its splendor, each priestly garment had significance; the same significance God uses today to spill passion and purpose over our lives.
Redeeming Your Time
Frances Worthington, Desert Flower Ministries Founder
We all want to spend time in God’s Word and growing deeper in our relationship with Him, but with so many demands on our time is that really possible? Many times we find ourselves overwhelmed in serving others when our cup is running dry. In this conference, you will find practical, creative, FUN and hands-on ways to become more consistent and dig deeper in studying God’s Word so you can be filled to the FULL and ready to overflow!

Created For A Purpose
Frances Worthington, Desert Flower Ministries Founder
In the midst of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and blogs, it is easy to forget that YOU were created for a purpose! We find ourselves lost in the midst of what the world, church, society, friends and family expect for us to be…that we truly struggle to know who God has created us to be. We will look back at the very first woman, Eve, and see God’s amazing design for women in ministry and missions!

10 Things You Might Not Know About the Beautiful Land
Cynthia Thompson, Jerusalem Prayer Center Team Prayer Advocate
The Georgia Baptist Women are continuing in a prayer partnership with the Beautiful Land, the land of Israel. Israel is often in the headlines but the media misses many aspects of the people groups who live in the earth’s epicenter. We invite you to learn more about the people of Israel and how you can pray for them. Bring your questions too!
Rethinking Girls Ministry: How I Would Do a Few Things Differently
Lorna Bius, LoveLOUD Catalyst (NAMB)
The vast majority of girls in our churches walk away from a relationship with Christ and His Church after high school. Let’s take some time to rethink what we are doing while we can influence them now. In this session we’ll talk about some shifts that can help girls see the joy of Kingdom life and mission.

Love LOUD in Your Community
Lorna Bius, LoveLOUD Catalyst (NAMB)
Do you find yourself waving to neighbors on Sunday morning as your family is the only one driving to church? Would your community notice if your church was gone? See how God is using churches to transform communities across America and how your church could be the next one He will use!

Confident Christianity: What is Worldview, and Why Does It Matter?
Mary Jo Sharp, Apologetics Professor at Houston Baptist University and author
You have a worldview that informs your daily choices from marriage to work to how you interact with family and friends. Does your worldview reflect that Jesus is alive and the driving force in your life? Learn what worldview means and how you can take steps to defend your faith in all aspects of this world. Download Conference Session Notes

Confident Christianity: Conversational Apologetics
Mary Jo Sharp, Apologetics Professor at Houston Baptist University and author
Whether you are just beginning to dig into apologetics or your knowledge is extensive, engaging in conversation can seem intimidating at times. This session will focus on four elements of good dialogue; including how to use common questions to uncover what people really believe and to spark a deeper discussion on belief in God (apologetics = a defense of the faith)

Confident Christianity: Shouldn’t the Reality of God Change Our Lives?
Mary Jo Sharp, Apologetics Professor at Houston Baptist University and author
If we are honest with ourselves, we only share what we know and understand to be true. What do we really understand about our faith and relationship with Jesus? Let’s engage with truth and each other so we have confidence in engaging the lost in everyday conversations.

How Can We Get Younger Women Involved?
Beverly Skinner, Georgia WMU&WEM Consultant
It’s a great question & you are not the only one asking it! We have some helpful information and ideas to help you connect women under 40 to missions and ministry through your church.

The Next Greatest Generation! (For women 35 years and younger)
Beverly Skinner, Georgia WMU&WEM Consultant
Some experts say adults currently in their 20s and 30s may be the Next Greatest Generation! Are you one of them? Come and meet other young women and learn about ways that, together, you can lead the way for your generation to have an even greater impact for Christ!

Project HELP: Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
Jean Roberson, National WMU Adult Ministry Consultant
70% of adults in the U.S. have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives. Up to 20% of these people go on to develop PTSD. As of today, that’s 31.3 million people who did or are struggling with PTSD. Come learn how you and your church can minister to those affected by PTSD as we enter Project HELP 2014-2016.

Fresh Take on Small Groups for Women
Jean Roberson, National WMU Adult Ministry Consultant
Missional groups, ministry groups, Bible study groups –no matter the type of group sometimes you need new ideas for inviting others, for resources that engage and for connecting women in authentic ways. Let’s take a fresh look at accomplishing the purposes of your small group.

You’Niquely You – Living in the Power of Your Personality
Nikki Babcock, You’Niquely You Ministries Speaker
Learning to live and serve in the strengths of your unique, God given personality will bring joy and peace to your life and relationships.

Women Helping Women in Crisis
Nikki Babcock, You’Niquely You Ministries Speaker
This session will equip you with practical, God honoring ideas for supporting, encouraging and assisting women in crisis.

Hand-in-Hand: Women and the Cooperative Program
Buck Burch, Stewardship Specialist for the Georgia Baptist Convention
Come learn the history of the role of women in the development of cooperative missions support and discover ways today’s women can continue to make an impact around the world. This session will empower and equip you to influence missions giving in your church.
Don’t Stop Him in the Hall: Tips for Relating to Your Pastor
Mike Hardy, Pastor of Social Circle First Baptist Church
Communication is the key to building relationships. Come and dialogue with a Georgia Baptist pastor and learn how you can strengthen relationships with the leadership of your church through effective communication.
Motivation for Missions
Matt Dye, Church Planter (NAMB)
There is only one motivation that will sustain us personally and collectively as a church in missions. That motivation is hearing from, looking upon, touching, and proclaiming Jesus Christ. Atlanta has great spiritual need, but come and hear how He is working through M28 Church in the city.
Are you a Radiant Pastor’s Wife? (for ministers’ wives)
Mary Cox, Georgia Baptist Ministers’ Wives Ministry Consultant
As a pastor’s wife the hardest job we have is balancing our personal relationship with the Lord, our families and our ministries. God has much to share with us about how we keep our priorities in the right perspective while serving Him and others, but also taking care of ourselves. God wants us to live Radiant lives for Him. How do we live as an overall Radiant Pastor’s Wife?

Marriage…Blissfully Committed
Mary Cox, Georgia Baptist Ministers’ Wives Ministry Consultant
Statistics tell us that100% of us makes a decision about marriage, but only 50% will make a commitment to marriage. One of the greatest acts of Worship to God is our commitment to our marriage. We must die to our agendas and allow God to be the center of our marriages. We will learn practical ways of keeping our marriages Blissful and God Centered!

Interactive Prayer Experience
Waynesboro First Baptist Church
We invite you to a personal, intimate prayer journey in our interactive prayer room. This self-guided experience will lead you to the throne room as you contemplate surrendering all to Him, being filled by the Holy Spirit and overflowing joy.